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A Bunny Bag? What the hell is that? Well, it’s an upcycled fabric bag with two big ears to tie! It is made in France from fabric falls, which is why they are all of different colours and patterns. Not only will it make an adorable zero waste gift packaging, but it can then be reused in a thousand ways: bulk bag, lunch bag, storage bag...

Inside, you can discover:
- a solid shampoo natural hair with essential oil of pine forest, it respects the scalp and avoids any excessive production of sebum, allowing to spacer washes. Its pine smell is mixed and will appeal to as many people as possible.
- a solid after-shampoo with soft vanilla notes It facilitates styling, intensively nourishes all hair types and brings them a real silky touch. Without essential oil, it is also suitable for pregnant and lactating women. Labelled COSMOS Organic.
- an engraved French oak comb. Its spaced teeth allow to unravel the hair without breaking it.
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