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Or, Je Rêve

Odile Lecoin

Or, Je Rêve THE premium night cream

THE premium night cream, OR, je rêve, is an ultra effective night cream which stimulates the skin's chronobiological cycle. OR, je rêve contains 3% Chronodyn, a biological extract obtained from a micro-seaweed (Euglena gracilis), which promotes ATP production and boosts cellular regeneration. This molecule from biotechnological research also encourages the liberation of calcium and contributes to cellular energy. A clinical study has shown that after one month of applying a care product based on Chronodyn, skin was three times firmer and four times more toned than with a placebo. Fucogel, a natural-origin active ingredient composed of polysaccharides, acts on epidermal sirtuins and protects cells from oxidative stress, making the skin visibly younger. Finally, crambe plant oil (2%) nourishes, softens and protects the epidermis. With each application, skin is long-lastingly revitalized, the complexion is silky and the face looks truly rested.

OR, je rêve offers a truly relaxing moment before bedtime. Applied on clean skin, this soft, unctuous cream melts under your fingers and won't leave a sticky film. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend finishing the application with light, tapping movements over your face and neck to reactivate cutaneous microcirculation. Night after night, your skin is lastingly transformed.
50ml THE premium night cream 50 ml
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